The JC De Vera-Sarah Geronimo or Sam Milby-Sarah Geronimo movie

18 Aug

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For now, their focus is to encourage the management to let the pop star princess be paired with JC De Vera or Sam Milby in the near future. Between the two, popsters really do believe that Sam Milby, Sarah’s former leading man in the hit music-series “1DOL” is a good catch if he will be given the chance to do a movie with the pop star princess. Read More…….


  1. Sarah Geronimo inspires Sam Milby
  2. Three hunk actors are willing to get to know Sarah Geronimo better
  3. Bryan Termulo chooses Sarah Geronimo on ‘The Voice of the Philippines’
  4. Netizen: I see a lot of promise to the Sarah Geronimo-JC De Vera team up
  5. Sarah Geronimo remains silent on JC De Vera’s revelation

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