Sarah Geronimo should not be denied by Matteo Guidicelli

26 Nov

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Popsters brought out the issue because they got hurt when they heard Matteo’s statement in an occasion saying that he is still single. They took to Twitter and expressed their disappointments to Andi Eigenmann’s leading man in the TV series titled “Galema, Daughter of Zuma” (Galema, Anak Ni Zuma) when they heard his denial. Read More…..


  1. Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli receive their awards separately
  2. Photos of Sarah Geronimo, Johna Geronimo, Sunshine Geronimo circulate online
  3. Claudine Barretto threatens Raymart Santiago; says Raymart makes her sick
  4. Is Louie Ocampo inviting Matteo Guidicelli to be with Sarah Geronimo in concert?
  5. Matteo Guidicelli thinks he can do crazy things for love all the time

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