After Sarah Geronimo, Jobert Sucaldito faces another battle but this time with Xian Lim

14 Dec

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Popsters found his article abusive, according to them, the pop princess can still fill the Big Dome with or without Matteo Guidicelli. They also said that Sarah Geronimo and Mommy Divine deserve an apology from him because his accusation was baseless.

After a few days, Jobert Sucaldito retracted his statement accusing the Geronimos of using Matteo Guidicelli through his official Twitter account. “For the sake of everyone’s silence, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say sorry to Sarah Geronimo. I also want to say sorry to her fans,” Jobert tweeted. Read More….


  1. Gerald Anderson was caught on camera looking at Sarah Geronimo
  2. Matteo Guidicelli attends solidarity far from Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson
  3. Sarah Geronimo, Maja Salvador receive good reviews because of love
  4. Sarah Geronimo joins Jessica Soho and Bernadette Sembrano in ‘Anak TV’
  5. Ronnie Liang expresses his feelings for Sarah Geronimo on Instagram

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