Sarah Geronimo in a very different music video; makulit masyado

21 Dec

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Popsters are excited for this, in fact, they are encouraging their fellow fans to start voting for the music video of Tayo after its released on MYX. Sarah Geronimo’s first music video for the song titled Ikot-Ikot in the same album was a huge success. As of this evening, said music video has 1,644,524 hits on YouTube and still counting, and now that her second music video is about to release this evening, she is expecting the public, especially the fans to appreciate her effort. Read More…..


  1. Claudine Barretto’s legal counsel wants to file a case against Gretchen Barretto
  2. Is Matteo Guidicelli dismissing the possiblity of working with Sarah Geronimo?
  3. Ejay Falcon almost said Matteo Guidicelli is so lucky to have Sarah Geronimo
  4. Will Sarah Geronimo choose Matteo Guidicelli as co-star in an MMK episode?
  5. Sarah Geronimo receives positive reviews; Matteo Guidicelli tweets his activity

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