Vhong Navarro issue: Deniece Cornejo’s lawyer claims family’s support

2 Feb

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“There’s another assumption or presumption there, that they are not supporting their daughter. I’ve been saying this a couple of times already in media that the parents are there. The first time I met them, there were some family members there with her,” Atty. Calleja confirmed during his interview with DZMM, a radio station of ABS-CBN. Read More…..


  1. Tony Calvento helps Vhong Navarro; reveals Deniece Cornejo is still in condo
  2. Was Deniece Cornejo raped? Tony Calvento posted Vhong Navarro’s sworn statement
  3. Vhong Navarro update: Tony Calvento reveals Deniece Cornejo’s real father
  4. Vhong Navarro update: Where are the parents of Deniece Millinette Cornejo?
  5. Update: Vhong Navarro files 6 cases against Deniece Cornejo & Cedric Lee

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