Vhong Navarro case: Roxanne Cabanero & Tony Calvento are battling for truth

16 Mar

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Previously, Mr. Calvento received negative comment from Atty. Raymond Fortun, one of the brilliant lawyers in the Philippines, because of his brave and courageous posts about Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo. Several days after, Atty. Raymond Fortun apologized to Mr. Tony Calvento for his below the belt comment, without a doubt, the brave Filipino journalist accepted the lawyers apology. Read More……


  1. Vhong Navarro, Roxanne Cabanero, Cedric Lee & Deniece want favorable decision
  2. What does Roxanne Cabanero want from Vhong Navarro?
  3. Vhong Navarro recovers; Roxanne Cabanero, Deniece Cornejo want justice
  4. Atty. Virgilio Batalla: Vhong Navarro is harassing Roxanne Cabanero
  5. John Lloyd Cruz confirms part 4 or new movie with Sarah Geronimo

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