Tony Calvento talks about Vhong Navarro’s case against Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo and Roxanne Cabanero

3 Apr

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Had a chance to talk to Vhong and Chito Rono. He confessed that he had a hard time inter-acting with his leading lady. He felt really awkward to that point that Director Joyce Bernal had to talk to him one on one before proceeding with the other sequences. Read More……..


  1. Tony Calvento promised to give updates on the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo case
  2. Is Mommy Divine Geronimo approving Matteo Guidicelli for Sarah Geronimo?
  3. Matteo Guidicelli talks about the very beautiful actress-singer Sarah Geronimo
  4. Vhong Navarro case: Roxanne Cabanero receives advice from German Moreno
  5. Yam Concepcion’s sex video scandal is making the rounds in porn sites

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