Sarah Geronimo remains a princess of Matteo Guidicelli after Gerald Anderson and Rayver Cruz

6 Apr

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Based on the report, Sarah was accompanied by her mom, Divine Geronimo, during that Friday night, but despite the presence of her mom, she still showed her affection for her rumored sweetheart. Obviously, Matteo is very lucky. Sarah’s sweetness during that night has never happened to Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson, her ex-boyfriends. She has never enjoyed her relationship with them. Read More……


  1. Third rape complainant: Vhong Navarro forced me to perform oral sex
  2. Tony Calvento: Vhong Navarro will fight Deniece Cornejo & Cedric until the end
  3. Tony Calvento promised to give updates on the Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo case
  4. Is Mommy Divine Geronimo approving Matteo Guidicelli for Sarah Geronimo?
  5. Matteo Guidicelli talks about the very beautiful actress-singer Sarah Geronimo

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